Meredith Moore Crosby

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I am a corporate strategist and executive coach with experience in the healthcare, nonprofit, tech and food and beverage industry. I am passionate about serving thought leaders ready to share their story and inspire the next generation as authors, speakers and executives.


I guide high performers to reposition your company’s brand inside and outside of corporate America to attract top talent and build your reputation with the communities you care about through influencers, diversity champions, and investors.


The great work of your organization hinges on the individuals working within, how do you build their visibility and credibility while in turn attracting top talent to achieve your goals? Whether you are trying to break into a new market, showcase your diversity and inclusion work or increase market share, a winning strategy will be tied to the brand champions you have on your team.


What's your strategy for them?


The same way rock stars can strengthen your credibility, employees who are not savvy in a particular area can damage your brand with simple missteps. When I come into your organization I’ll serve as the Sherpa guiding your developing leaders to successfully navigate uncharted terrain.


Whether it’s creating award-winning leadership development programs or coaching high potential women how to advance in your organization, I am here to help you create opportunities to advance inclusion and diversity your leadership skills. 

About Me:

  • I have a B.A. in public relations and journalism from Howard University. I have a Masters of Science in Managerial Communications from Northwestern University.

  • I am a global member of the International Coaching Federation.

  • I received my certificate of personal and executive coaching from the Coaching and Applied Positive Psychology Insititute.

  • I am a certified licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery and Leverette Weekes is a licensed distributor.

  • I am the author of Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward with a foreword by Don Thompson, past CEO of McDonald's Corporation. 

  • Past and current clients include Lyft, CRL Consulting LLC., Patterson Companies, Women's Foundation of Minnesota, Teach for America, and the James L. and John S. Knight Foundation.

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