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Affirmations to take control of your time and be more productive

This month I'm sending you some extra positivity. We're moving into the last quarter of the year and personally, I'm celebrating my fifth anniversary as a full-time entrepreneur. Over the last five years, I've balanced leading a business, raising small kids, navigating a divorce, and writing a book, Yes, I've learned more than I ever imagined and I'm sharing the lessons with you. Whatever your vision, I'm here to help!

If you have a goal to set boundaries and be more productive, use these positive affirmations to help you get unstuck daily.

Say them with confidence in the morning. Try putting some movement and music to them to create your own positive chant.

I wake up every day feeling ready for the day. I listen to positive and affirming music. I start with gratitude and making space for my spiritual practice.

My calendar reflects my priorities. I make time for the activities that are important to me.

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