Meet the Team

We understand high expectations.

Our unique network of strategic partners and executive coaches helps you create a narrative that will inspire you to move forward. 

Phone Operator

Executive Coaching Team


Meredith Moore

Communications Lead

Meredith is an award-winning communications professional, executive coach, and diversity expert leading successful corporate social responsibility initiatives in Fortune 100 companies to attract and retain c-suite leaders from all backgrounds. Meredith's TRIBE methodology for overcoming mental burnout and imposter syndrome is featured in her book, Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward.

How does Meredith help?

Certified as a professional development coach through the Center for Positive Psychology, Meredith facilitates Insight Discovery® based coaching programs and serves as the lead on communications consulting projects.

Fun fact: Meredith is the second generation owner of Leverette Weekes. 

Crystal DeVone.jpg

Crystal DeVone

Client Relations Director

Crystal is a multi-media strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic background in Event Marketing and Project Management.

How does Crystal help?

Crystal specializes in helping clients develop and execute live and virtual events, social media campaigns, and integrated strategies that drive new customer acquisition, increase brand awareness and improve profitability.

Fun fact: Crystal is a celebrity DJ.

Olu Burrell Seated Gray Hi Res.jpg

Olu Burrell

Executive Coaching Lead

Olu is an HR/Organization Development expert and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation with over fifteen years of helping clients in government, not-for-profit, private sector, and secondary and higher education.

How does Olu help?

Olu facilitates and coaches executive clients in Leverette Weekes leadership development programs, and is an administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI).

Fun fact: Olu is an award-winning poet.

Our Strategic Partners

Meet the business leaders who will help you build trust with your audience through communications strategy, public relations campaigns, branding, and stakeholder engagement. 

As a Black-woman-led business, we know that investing in diversity starts with your team. When you select Leverette Weekes, your services are provided by minority-owned sub-contractors across the country.

Our strategic partners enable us to offer you facilitators, coaches, and consultants of various backgrounds to support projects and clients of all sizes.

If you are committed to economic inclusion and building relationships with small businesses across the country, we're here to help. 

Strategy Muse

Communications Consulting
Stakeholder Assessments

We are communicators, designers, storytellers, political strategists, facilitators, scientists, artists, and coaches.

We like pushing the envelope—but we’re not tone deaf. We are skilled in navigating different types of organizations and adjust our approach to fit yours. Our diversity fuels creativity and innovation. 

The Collective Academy

Leadership Coaching



We facilitate conversations, deliver transformative experiences, and move your organization forward. 

We know the key to overcoming an obstacle, navigating change, or growing to the next level of success is to focus on people–your team, your leaders, your audience.

Intercultural Competence Edge

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Intercultural Development Inventory ®

We are a diverse team of research-driven, intercultural experts ready to help you build the case for inclusion in your organization.

Our dynamic, interactive programs teach self-understanding through unconscious bias training to understand cultural patterns, develop bridging skills, create action planning and assess your culture through the IDI ® assessment. 

D.C. Media Connection

Video Production
Event Production
Personal Branding

We are producers, bookers, copy-editors, on-air talent ready to execute your vision for corporate events with exceptional service, meticulous logistical planning, and dependable results.

We give you the personal attention, branding, and detailed preparation you want for your project.