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Your Guide to Notice, Stop and Change negative thoughts.

Do you know why many high-achieving women get stuck even when they know the steps to take? If you've ever doubted your ability to do something, even though if you read your resume, you'd see that you have the skills and experience to be successful, you've faced the symptoms of imposter syndrome.

Follow the steps below and coach yourself the next time you feel like you are not worthy of setting and achieving ambitious goals for your career and life. If you feel stuck, consider signing up to work with me one-on-one for weekly accountability and a supportive community.

Step 1: NOTICE thoughts that don't serve your goals.

When I try to explain positive thinking to my sons, we start by discussing our beliefs and our understanding of good and evil. We believe that the universe wants us to do good, love others, and help others. Next, we try to notice the different thoughts and categorize them by the ones that make us feel happy or optimistic and those that make us feel bad, doubt ourselves, or hurt others.

Don't get stuck spending too much time analyzing your negative thoughts, or you'll increase the chances for fear to hold you back. Instead, be curious about how you can change your thoughts to positive. Get aggressive and attack those negative thoughts.

For example, maybe you feel like there's no way to maintain your balanced lifestyle and get promoted, and you wonder if it's worth trying at all. Ok, yes, it can be challenging to take on additional leadership responsibilities, and you might need help, but that's everyday stress we all face. A negative thought could go to the extreme and say: You'll NEVER be able to lead ANYONE EVER. You aren't leadership material.

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