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Who is Leverette Weekes?

Our Story

In 1973 our founder, attorney Cornell Leverette Moore, was frustrated with discrimination in the workplace and the lack of traditional opportunities to advance his career using his legal degree from Howard University. Mr. Moore and his beloved wife, Wenda Weekes Moore settled in Minneapolis- St. Paul, Minnesota, and bet on the strength of his network of diverse professional athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs to fuel projects delivered with excellence and powered by diverse talent. 

With deep roots in construction, real estate, and financial institutions, many in the community still remember our legacy of work on the Minneapolis Metrodome and various civic buildings in the Twin Cities in the 1970s.

For much of the '80s and '90s, the company quietly supported the emerging pipeline of talent across the Twin Cities. In 2016, Leverette, Weekes & Co., Inc, was relaunched as Leverette Weekes leadership development and communications agency by Ms. Meredith Moore, the youngest of Mr. Moore's children and a proven leader in diversity and communications. 

Today, Leverette Weekes helps executives inside and outside of corporate America have a positive and lasting impact on their organizations, and the world.

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Now is your time!

At Leverette Weekes, we meet you where you are and give you the confidence to go where you want to go.

Communication starts with creating the narrative around your impact and team. We expand your capacity by managing your public relations, public-private partnerships, and community outreach.

We apply our experience in the largest corporate brands to promote your work authentically while building your credibility.

Our team takes you from idea, through strategy development, to execute your goals for diversity and social impact. We coordinate your high-profile announcement with the media and offer award-winning video production.



Here's how we help!


Communications Consulting

You have a point. We understand you and your goals. Together we'll make it clear to your audience.

We ask the questions to give you answers. From writing your content to creating your internal and external strategy, we make it easier for your audience to know what you do and how you can help.

Executive Coaching

You are the leader. We help you put your plan in action and overcome imposter syndrome.

Our diverse coaches create your individual or group program based on your personal and professional goals. Leverette Weekes is a licensed distributor and facilitator of Insights ® Discovery.

Corporate & Personal Branding

You have a brand inside and outside of work. We bring your personality to life.

Our design team gets to know who you are and who you aspire to be. We help you create a logo and brand identity to show your audience what makes you uniquely qualified.

Stakeholder Engagement

You have an audience. We guide you to listen to the people who care about what you do.

Our team creates the right solution to reach out to your community. We'll handle all of the details for one-on-one confidential interviews with senior executives or panels of thought leaders.

Project Management

You have a clear vision. We guide your team to get it done on time and on budget.

We use technology to keep you up to speed on our progress. Our team keeps you informed where your attention is needed to achieve your goals. We meet with you regularly and provide final reports and recommendations to improve your process for next time.


You have a story. We listen to you first and then we write, edit, and get you ready to present.

We interview you and articulate your key messages, book, or keynote speech. Our award-winning writers have experience in corporate, government, finance, healthcare, and tech.

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