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New Getting Unstuck Podcast Shares the Stories, Resources to Move Forward

We all have goals, as a leadership coach, I'm here to help you take action to turn your dreams into reality. For me, it's all about reaching more people who are feeling stuck at work and inspiring them to take control of their time. Whether you've read Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward or you stumbled onto my page from social media, I want you to get the courage to live the best version of your life.

And now we can stay connected even when you are on the go! That's right. I'm launching a podcast to teach you the skills from the navigating my career and helping others make their dreams come true.

Successful leaders are self-aware; they know their skills and limitations. That means understanding when your emotions or nontechnical behavior may be preventing you from improving your technical performance.

Are you struggling with impostor syndrome? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed or you are doubting your abilities. If you are early in your career or recently transitioned at work, you might not even know your strengths yet.

It's easy to get stuck believing you don't deserve to be seen or heard. You are in the room but you don't dare open your mouth out of the fear of messing up or being found out that you shouldn't be there anyway. On my first episode of the Getting Unstuck podcast I unpack my first corporate experience and how I overcame the challenge of being ignored and forgotten on my interview day. You read that right. They forgot me.

What's the craziest thing that's happened to you at work? On the first season of thw Getting Unstuck podcast I'm sharing the stories, mentors, and experiences that taught me to focus on creating opportunity. Moving forward isn't easy but it is possible.

Each episode is less than thirty minutes, perfect for listening to on your drive. Drop a note in the comments and tell me what you think about the new, slimmed-down format!

Are you preparing to launch and looking for the accountability of a coach to help you focus on your technical skills? I work with select leaders breaking through and building a platform as speakers, authors, and thought leaders. Set up a discovery call and let's get started on your action plan for 2019!

It all starts with you, and I'm here to help!


Was this article helpful? For more exercises like this one, check out my book on success and finding your purpose in life. Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward tells the story of how one woman found the time and energy to overcome the battle for advancement in corporate America.

As an author, speaker, and mom I share the unwritten rules and the advice of my mentors to evolve your dream job into your dream life, taking control of your time and designing a set of values to lead you onward. Subscribe and receive articles in your inbox along with my week of possibilities to jump start your journey to getting unstuck.

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