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Do More, Improve Lives This Year

Is it summer yet? If you are back at the office and already thinking about your next escape, Getting Unstuck is for you! It's easy to second guess your impact or question your career path if you haven't taken the time to get to know who you are and what you want.

How do you improve the lives of the people around you?

The truth is, the world needs your special gift but often we let limiting beliefs and other's fears hold us back from setting ambitious goals and having a bigger impact.

If you've already read Getting Unstuck, then you know it's important to set your intentions and successfully see your vision come to life.

To see your impact and make your plan to be more productive, take one of these actions today:

1. Clarify your intention for your year. What are you most excited about achieving this year? Take time to dream big about what will bring you joy. Consider your vision for last year and where you still want to make progress. What do you want?

Get specific with the universe about what you want to accomplish. Set goals that will help you be more productive. Maybe you want to finish your book or take your career to the next level. It's all possible once you connect with what's most important to you. Find an intention that will inspire your personal mission, values, and what you want to do.

An intention guides and directs your life where you want it to go. Below are a few of my sample intentions:

  • I have everything I need.

  • I intend to lead by example.

  • Today I intend to be healthy, wealthy and inspired.

  • I intend to live in gratitude for all that I have.

  • I intend to have my best day ever. I know health and wealth are flowing towards me.

  • I am surrounded by love, light, and laughter. I love my life.

Explore what's right for you.

2. Take the time to write. You'll quickly improve the chances of achieving your goal when you see write it out. Get in the habit of journaling about where you notice your strengths and what people thank you for. As you consider the impact you have on others, ask yourself: How do I improve people's lives? Seeing where you help people is about more than understanding your role in the universe, you may discover a talent you didn't know you had. Now that you can see what you want, think longer about how you'll know you've achieved it.

  • What are the milestones that will help you notice your progress?

  • Where is fear still holding you back?

  • What three things will you accomplish today?

  • Where do you need to be more present?

Remember you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce. Your dream is totally possible, but you need a plan to be productive. If you are wondering how you can focus on your passion and purpose this year, listen to my podcast for tips on how to make progress toward your goal. This is your year to get it all done. Try them all and comment below which ones are most helpful to you!

Tip #2: What problem are you solving? The most successful people understand their purpose and why they are working. What's yours?

Tip #3: Set clear and different deadlines. Break your goals down and assign a timeline for when you'll reach your milestones. Avoid overwhelming yourself by not selecting the same day to reach all your hopes and goals, like New Year's Eve or your birthday.

Tip #4: Make habits, not resolutions. When you change your mindset, you can see how each day is an opportunity to improve you don't have to wait for the end of the year. Focus on replacing bad habits like procrastinating or not returning emails in a timely fashion with better habits like setting aside one hour each day to respond to your inbox.

Tip #5: Stop multitasking, do one thing at a time. When you find yourself overwhelmed by too many goals, there's a chance you've added too many things to the list. Instead of doing a few things well, pick one task to finish.

Tip # 6: Set a routine for your day. What do you do when you first wake up? How do you set your intention and affirm you're positive self-image? What energizes you and motivates you to do your best all day?

Tip # 7: Focus on progress, not perfection. You'll be far more productive if you are able to see the impact of your efforts instead of criticizing yourself. You can always improve, keep moving forward!

Tip #8: Get an accountability partner. Think back to a time when you were highly effective, who was supporting you? Often having an encouraging coach can give you the confidence to make bold choices aligned with your vision.

Tip # 9: Clear your clutter! From your workspace to social media, if you want to be more productive get rid of the junk in your space. Set aside time daily to sort papers and file documents to stay organized.

Tip #10: What can I do today to make tomorrow better? Fight procrastination by taking action on one thing today that will improve your day tomorrow.

Bonus tip: Incorporate gratitude into your daily routine. Making time to notice your impact on others can be simple. Next time you are scrolling social media, ask yourself, how have you helped three people today?

Was this article helpful? If you are feeling stuck, take time to go deeper into your strengths by signing up for the Getting Unstuck Career Package. Get three one on one coaching sessions to explore your career narrative, refresh your resume, and update your LinkedIn profile. You'll get the confidence to apply for the job you want.

If this content has motivated you, share this post, and invite your network to follow for more. You can order your copy of Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward, now available on Amazon. #gettingunstuckguide

This article was originally published on December 21, 2019, and updated on January 9, 2020.

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